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Scenery of New Paltz

New Paltz Flats

The New Paltz Flats with summer corn. (Image size: 16k)

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail provides a delightful place to walk. (Image size: 32k)

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Bridge

The rail trail bridge offers a tranquil place to rest. (Image size: 31k)

New Paltz Walloon Church

The New Paltz Walloon Church is a replica of the one built in the 1700s. (Image size: 37k)

Hasbrouck House

The Hasbrouck House was built by one of the original Huguenot families. (Image size: 30k)

Elting Library

The Elting Library is a valuable community resource. (Image size: 31k)

Wallkill River

The Wallkill River is a tranquil stream through New Paltz. (Image size: 26k)

The Memorial Day Parade

This parade is one of many annual events in New Paltz. (Image size: 23k)

Lake Minnewaska

Lake Minnewaska is a resource of beauty and recreation for New Paltz. (Image size: 16k)

The Cliffs of Lake Minnewaska

The scenery here will never be forgotten. (Image size: 26k)

Awosting Falls

These falls are another marvelous piece of Minnewaska State Park. (Image size: 33k)

Mohonk Images

This is a link to fabulous scenes of Mohonk by the photographer G. Steve Jordan.

The Shawangunk Mountain

This link takes you to Eric Meyer's beautiful photo gallery of the Shawangunks.

Mohonk Mountain House

This link to the resort and lake at the top of the Shawangunk Mountains offers a spectacular view.

View toward Skytop

The view west toward the Shawangunk Ridge and Skytop Tower is awesome. (Image size: 18k)

Playground at Hasbrouck Park

This playground provides a great place for children's recreation . (Image size: 26k)

Mohonk West

Mohonk Mountain House is viewed west over the lake from Skytop Trail. (Image size: 35k)

Elting Library Photos

Here are pictures of the new additon to Elting Library. The library is a great asset to the communiy. (Image size: 28k)

More to come...

Page Last Modified: March 26, 2007